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Daily channelled messages for July 17th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:


The first message coming through is about success with reaching a goal. This would be a dream come true type of success. For some this speaks about energy similar to graduation, passing a test/exam that took a lot of time and effort to prepare for, for others this is about a property finally selling or finally having an offer accepted, success in dealing with banks or government institutions also comes up here for some. Whatever the success is about for each of us, it is finally happening as a result of a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice along the way. Congratulations to us all, we’ve earned this!

A second message coming through is about success after a time of trial and error, one obstacle after the other, and even several failures before success. This could be about finally passing a driver’s test today (maybe on the 4th or 5th try for some), finally passing that one last exam that prevented us from graduating from University/College/Highschool; for others this speaks about finally getting a second chance from someone, perhaps we’ve had to prove ourselves but it was worth it because we got this in the end; and for others this speaks about finally being accepted into a programme/school/course after several rejected applications and even finally getting that job that we’ve been looking for, for such a long time.

Another message here is about several opportunities being presented to us today and we may have to think quickly in terms of which ones we accept. Perhaps we get several job offers today and we have to pick one before the end of the day, or we have a decision to make about where to go to school (for ourselves or our children) because we got accepted to a few of them. If this is the case, we are asked to trust our intuition and pick the option that feels right, natural, exciting because that will be the correct one. For others this could be about one opportunity presented that brings many more once we accept it, like a gift that keeps on giving. Either way, there is an abundance of choices and possibilities for us so let’s be thankful and true to ourselves when choosing the ones that make us happy and fulfilled.

I hope the messages help. Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment, let me know how these messages make sense for you.
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • July 16, 2017

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