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Daily channelled messages for May 8th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:


For some of us this is the day when we move or “take flight” as it were. Things are finally coming together after potential delays, obstacles and frustrations and we can finally move to a new home. Some of us may be moving near to our previous location, for others it may be a different city and for a few it can also speak of moving abroad so we literally would have to fly to get there. It may be that others of us are just now getting started with the search process, applying for mortgages and so on but this is an excellent day to finally go through with it.

Another message coming through with this is that today is a good day to take chances. It may be that some of us may see small lottery wins or from games of chance (hopefully you are playing responsibly) or it could be that we see karmic blessings today, receiving gifts and experiencing synchronicities and surprises. It could also be that today is the day when we decide to give someone a chance or a second chance, or perhaps we are receiving a chance today. If we are indeed receiving an opportunity, we are asked not to hold back or take too long to decide, we should trust ourselves and our ability to make anything a success or a positive experience for ourselves or those around us.

The message also speaks about “going solo”, that may be with love, business, friendships etc. It is a good day to stand alone and pursue our vision so perhaps some of us are looking into starting a business, doing work on the home ourselves, starting a garden, starting a creative endeavour etc. and for others it may be a day when we break away or break free from a difficult, toxic or limiting person or relationship (be it romantic, work or otherwise). If this is the case, once again we are asked to trust ourselves, trust that we are doing what’s right and move forward without hesitation, knowing that we are headed towards a better tomorrow.

The message could of course speak about travelling, taking a significant trip whether it’s flying, driving or walking etc. We would benefit from being present and staying open to new people and new situations entering our lives while on a trip. So perhaps we should put away our phone/tablet/headphones etc. and start a conversation with someone joining us on a trip, observe our surroundings and enjoying a landscape and so on. Who knows what kind of new ideas and experiences this may bring.

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Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • May 7, 2017

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