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Daily channelled messages for June 8th 2017

Hello everyone! Apologies for not being able to post a message for yesterday, but our channelled message for today is:


Today we have the energy of richness surrounding us. For some of us this is rewards coming through today for the work that has already gone into a project/venture. It feels like financial rewards for the most part but there is also an element of rewards from working on a relationship and finally seeing things get better today. For others this is about a new opportunity showing up for us today, this may be with a new job, a new business idea or venture, collaborating with someone influential, the possibility to start a beautiful love relationship or a very rich and significant friendship. Either way, we see abundance coming in today. If we are just getting started with something, we are encouraged to be optimistic about it, to expect success and to embrace it with excitement and confidence because that’s how we guarantee success. It feels like the energy of the Knight of pentacles, where we are just starting a process, it will take time and work but if we stick to plan and just take it one step at a time, it guarantees a successful and abundant outcome.

A cautioning message coming through for some of us is that “all the glitters is not gold”. But this is not about a new venture or it doesn’t come as a complete surprise. For the most part this is to confirm doubts or second thoughts that we’ve already been having about a situation and it comes with the encouragement to look deeper into things or to just reconsider and go a different way. This is good advice for us in general, to check information, to research or to go into detail with offers or opportunities before deciding on our approach. But it’s definitely coming through for those of us who have been asking for a sign to confirm these thoughts or doubts.

Another message coming through is about being in the spotlight today, getting positive attention and/or exposure. For some of us this is about receiving unexpected feedback (very positive) or finding out that influential people have recommended us for important projects or opportunities, for others this is about our blogs or businesses getting a lot of exposure today and excellent feedback from clients. This also comes through as getting back into the dating world for some of us and this says that we already have good suitors. Today could also be about receiving an unexpected rewards, prize or acknowledgement for our hard work, for attention to detail, for quality of work and/or for dedication. This could be with work or with personal relationships as well.

I hope the messages help. Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment, let me know how these messages make sense for you.
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • June 8, 2017

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  1. Cristian June 8, 2017 - 1:55 pm Reply

    Thank you for your message 🙂

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