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Daily channelled messages for July 26th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:


I was meditating for today’s word and I kept getting the image of a hedgehog 🙂 It may be that some of us feel a bit more guarded than usual today or that we feel we should raise our guard a bit. Perhaps we sense that people or the circumstances are trying to take advantage of our kind nature today and so we pull back and protect ourselves. This doesn’t mean we stop caring, it just means we use our minds too, not just our hearts, to determine whether someone is truly deserving of our affection and help before we actually do what they ask of us. We may be doing this because we are reminded of all the times we were taken for granted just because we tried to help.

Others of us may be dealing with someone who has trust issues today, maybe even extreme anxiety. If we come across someone like this (who is afraid to just do things, who fears the worst, who is afraid of becoming a victim, someone who is ruled by fear) we are advised to show them kindness, compassion and patience. They may be used to people being frustrated around or by them, people trying to push them or bully them or just make fun of their anxiety and hesitation. So by showing them patience and calm we can actually see them open up to us, trust us with their fears and perhaps even let us help them work through and overcome the fears.

This may tie into the previous message but deepening a connection also comes up for today. Perhaps we do earn someone’s trust or someone earns ours but bringing a relationship closer does come up for today, romantic relationship, friendship, family relationships etc. It could also be that we form an unusual or unexpected bond with someone today. It would be someone who is usually quiet and very private so we don’t know a lot about them and are not sure how to take them. But the circumstances may present an opportunity to open up to one-another and before we know it, we’ve made a lifelong loyal friend. So if someone is trying to open up to us, it would be beneficial for us to match their efforts and see where that takes us. The overall energy for the day is that of kindness, gentility and protection.

I hope the messages help. Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment, let me know how these messages make sense for you.
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • July 26, 2017

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  1. Jaime July 26, 2017 - 1:49 pm Reply

    Resonates perfectly for me! Thank you!

    • Monica July 27, 2017 - 11:43 am Reply

      My pleasure, my friend 🙂

  2. Cristian July 26, 2017 - 11:28 am Reply

    The message put a big smile on my face. Thank you!

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