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Channelled messages for the weekend of March 3rd, 4th and 5th 2017

Hello everyone! Here are our channelled messages for the weekend:

“Don’t give up”
With this we are asked to keep doing what we’ve been doing, to continue to work hard towards the completion of one of our goals in particular (the biggest or more pressing one). It feels like we are just about to see that breakthrough, it just needs one final push from us. So let’s take a few deep breaths in, clear our minds, refresh our perspectives and then go back to work so see it through. For others this is encouragement not to give up on a dream. Especially when our minds are making excuses like “I’m too old for this” or “Things like this don’t happen to people like me” or “I probably wouldn’t get very far anyway” etc. We all know how our minds can be our worst enemy at times. So this weekend we may have the opportunity to start something or do something we’ve always dream of and the message here is “Go for it!”. This is also coming through in terms of “take a break” or trying a temporary solution before completely letting something go. This could be in a relationship, with work, our health etc. When things seem impossbile and we are very stressed out and frustrated, we are asked not to do anything out of fear or frustration, we may regret this once we calm down. So instead lets take a few deep breaths, take some time or space to clear our heads, so that we can think clearly when we do make our decision.

This is tying in with the previous message for some of us. We are about to see positive movement forward, we are about to break through the obstacles during this time. For others this is encouragement to look to the future and not to go back to the past. We are advised to look ahead, to keep moving forward without doubt or hesitation. It may be that we have the option to reconnect with a person or a situation from our past that wasn’t the best kind of situation; if this is the case, the message is clear, to move forward not backwards. This is also coming through as a glimpse into the future for some of us. We may get a taste of where things are going or the life we may have if we do our best, stay dedicated and invest in our dreams and goals.

We are asked to stay true to who we are, not to compromise our principles, to stand up for ourselves and speak our truth with confidence and diplomacy. This is especially if we are dealing with people or situations that are “shady”, immoral, illegal or just improper. It may also be that someone in our environment may try to take advantage of our good nature or manipulate us into doing their will. If this is the case, we are reminded that we can and should stand up, clearly speak our truth and how we feel about the situation and then walk away holding our head up high. If we encounter “morally grey” territories, we are reminded that we create karma with our thoughts and actions and also to trust our inner guidance – if something feels wrong, it probably is. This is a beautiful exercise of inner strength, honesty, diplomacy and self-respect.

I hope the messages help.

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!

Monica • March 2, 2017

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