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Channelled messages for the weekend of March 10th, 11th and 12th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled messages for the weekend are:

This message gives me a warm feeling, of feeling emotional abundance, feeling loved, feeling protected, feeling like I’m not alone. I believe this is what we can all experience this weekend if we open up to the energies of universal love all around us. Love can come to us in a number of different ways, it can be romantic love from a certain person, it can be love from friends and family, it can be the love that we show ourselves, it can also be the love that the Universe shows us-when we see that we are guided and protected, that’s the Universe’s way of saying “I love you”, and we can also open up to seeing the love that is all around us and focusing on that-the way your children look at you, the way a pet looks at you, the way 2 lovers look at each other, the way a grandfather looks at his grandson etc. etc. etc. If we wish to see love, it is truly all around us. And this weekend feels like a time when we are all encouraged to do this and then feel the blessings of the Universe as a result, feel gratitude for the abundance we currently have as individuals, as a group, as a family and so on. Of course the message can speak of other kinds of abundance but emotional abundance comes forward the strongest.

This ties in to the message about emotional abundance and it asks us to spread the emotional abundance, to help others learn how to focus on this kind of abundance so that they too feel blessed. It’s also a message for us to be patient and compassionate, to show kindness and affection, not lose our tempers, not give up on ourselves or other people. This weekend is one for compassion and love of all kinds. We are asked to show affection, to show our love. If we don’t have a special someone, then there are other types of love to share, love for ourselves, love for our close ones, love for the less fortunate, love for animals, love for Mother Earth and so on. If we wish to share love, there are endless possibilities for how we can do that.

“Signs and synchronicity”
This message is here to remind us to ask for guidance or confirmation when we need it. We can even ask our angels and guides to respond a certain way (“show me feathers”, “show me angels”, “put this on my path today” etc.) and they will speak to us the way we tell them we understand best. When we do this we receive valuable guidance or confirmation but we are also receiving love and compassion, we see that we are never alone and that is a big blessing in itself. We are asked to pay attention this weekend for signs, symbols that are significant to us, synchronicities of any kind (repeating numbers, names that stand out, gut feelings, flashing lights etc.) because we are meant to receive the guidance we need, the guidance we have been asking for but perhaps we haven’t been very specific about how to receive it, so stay open and listen to your intuition. I’m also seeing a rainbow, for someone that will be a sign in itself and for others of us it signifies a blessing we receive and the confirmation that we are about to see the light at the end of a long a difficult tunnel, that the hard times are over, that healing is coming.

I hope the messages help. Please feel free to comment if you would like to share anything.

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!


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Monica • March 9, 2017

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