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Channelled messages for March 8th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:


This is an interesting message for us, it makes me think of teamwork, working together with other people towards a shared goal, managing our resources, strategizing (or orchestrating) for accomplishing a goal/target today.

First of all, it is a reminder for us that we are not alone and we are asked to either ask for help or allow others to help us. If we ever feel like there is no one out there to help us, we are asked not to lose sight of the bigger picture, not to forget about our spiritual team (our angels and guides, our connection to the Universe) who is always there for us unconditionally. So especially if we feel stuck or isolated today, we are asked to focus on our spiritual team and allow them to comfort us and guide us forward.

For others this could simply be a day for entertainment, going to the movies, to the theatre or even the opera, any place that has live entertainment etc. If his is not on the agenda today, we are asked to make room for such events because they will benefit us greatly. It would be a great opportunity to forget our worries for a while by diving into a good play, to recharge our batteries by focusing on beauty and creativity coming to life right before us. So a focus on creativity and the ars would be a great idea for today.

Being a part of something also comes up. If we are presented with the opportunity to join a group of people, a club etc., we are asked to at least consider it because we may make some very significant connections as a result of joining.

Lastly, we are reminded of our own power to create, to manifest our dreams, to reach our goals. All we need is to have the confidence to come up with a plan, with a strategy. And this would be an excellent day to remember that and use our own ideas, confidence resources and out of the box thinking to make some serous progress with our goals or even to start something new, beautiful and constructive in our lives today.

I hope these messages help. Feel free to comment if you wish to share something.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

Monica • March 7, 2017

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