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Channelled messages for March 7th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:

“Take flight”

This tells me that it is a great day to make progress, to get stuff done or to get going with things. We are asked to review our current situation and see if we can come up with a new approach that would yield better/quicker results. It would be beneficial to get a birds-eye view on things as well. It is definitely a message to stop procrastinating, postponing or avoiding things we know we should be doing/working on. We could make real progress and see real breakthroughs today if we just decide to take the reins and us a “can do” mindset/attitude to get things going.

For others of us this speaks about travel today. This could be air travel or just travelling to new locations, foreign lands or just places we’ve never been to before. If there is any anxiety over travelling or flying prayer and meditation will help, using crystals or even essential oils to relax and ease fears can be very beneficial.

Another message coming through here is to take a chance, take a leap of faith, dive into an opportunity. If our intuition, our hearts tell us to go for it but our minds are holding us back this is definitely a time to listen to our intuition and quiet the mind. Overcoming fears can happen with this kind of approach today.

Leaving a situation is also possible. It would particularly make sense for situations that have been going South for a while now, challenging situation that do not get better no matter how hard we try, situations/relationships that take away our power and our joy; today is the day when taking flight and freeing oneself is recommended. We are asked to make decisions for our highest good, for a healthy life and towards healing and happiness.

I hope the messages help. Please let me know if they do and if they make sense.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by!



Monica • March 6, 2017

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