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Channelled messages for March 6th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:


The first thing that I’m getting with this is experiencing a “bottle-neck” type of energy, where things slow down because of too much going on, not enough resources or challenging circumstances. So we may experience some frustration connected to this kind of energy today, like things not moving fast enough, more resources needing to be invested or dealing with other types of obstacles making progress difficult or very slow. We are asked to prepare for this mentally and if/when this happens to stay positive and in a constructive mindset. Losing our patience or temper will not help nor will dwelling on the frustration. But if we focus on what we CAN do under the circumstances or at least keep ourselves busy being constructive with something else while things are sorted will definitely make a positive difference.

I’m also getting narrowly escaping something, so close calls may happen today. It feels like narrowly avoiding making a mistake or breaking/discarding something unnecessarily. So this tells us to pay attention to what we are doing, be mindful of the details and not to rush with what we are working on.

Another situation that is highlighted for us here is that reassessment may be required, where we take a closer look at what/who we are investing our resources into. This could be our emotional resources, mental energy, physical force or financial resources. We may experience an eye-opening situation making us aware that we have been investing in something that’s not absolutely necessary or that is not yielding any results for us or investing in someone who is not worth it, who has been taking us for granted or even may have deceived us into helping. So today we are asked to reassess our “spending” financial and otherwise and to make cuts where necessary. This will actually free up resources which we can then use towards something positive, constructive, something that adds to our lives as opposed to just taking away.

Of course, this could also speak about a particularly bad day for traffic, pile ups, dealing with bureaucracy, outdated processes and other frustrating situations. In either case, we are asked to keep an upbeat attitude and to focus on what we can do or where we can help ease the situation, not on what frustrates us.

I hope these messages help.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!


Monica • March 5, 2017

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