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Channelled messages for March 27th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:


The first message coming through is that an open mind and/or open heart will bring in blessings today. We may encounter unexpected opportunities, perhaps people or things that are very different that what we usually deal with, and the message is that we may experience truly fated encounters/changes if we try to keep an open mind and embrace these opportunities. Another message is to be flexible, be open to change, in other words we may have the option today to change an approach, a plan, something we’ve been doing as same old same old for a while; the message for us is that if we are open to being flexible and adaptable and keep an open mind for signs and synchronicity pointing us in different directions, we can see true breakthroughs happening today.

Another message is that of surprise. We may receive some unexpected news, invitations or feedback today; this is very positive but it may initially come across differently (again an open mind is required). We are asked to be mindful of the fact that we’ve entered Mercury Retrograde shadow period and so communication may suffer, misunderstanding may happen. So try to keep an open mind and make sure that messages are received or delivered as intended but overall there are positive surprises coming our way through something we open today, like an email, letter, text message, taking a call even etc.

Opening doors also comes up here. For some of us this means surprise visits happening today and for others this is in a metaphorical sense, where we are asked to close whatever doors need closing so that new door can present themselves to us. In line with the Mercury Retrograde shadow period, we could also see doors being open for us today, opportunities from the past may come back around and for others this means second chances to fix a difficult situation or even to heal a broken relationship today.

I’m also seeing the 4 of cups connected to this message speaking about our mindset and attitude. For those of us who are open to receiving any and all blessings, big and small, today could be a great day. For others of us who are stubbornly holding on to something (a person, a situation or a specific vision of what things should be etc.) the message is that there is no room for blessings to come in, there is no open space. So we are encouraged to shift our focus, keep an ope mind and choose to see abundance instead of poverty, possibilities instead of staleness and blessings instead of lack. If we manage to do this today we can truly turn things around for the better.

I hope the messages make sense and that they help. Fell free to comment, like and share!

Have a agreat day and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • March 26, 2017

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