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Channelled messages for March 17th, 18th and 19th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled messages for the weekend are:

This may be a time when we feel a little fuzzy, our minds may tend to drift off more often than usual and we may find it difficult to concentrate. For some of us this will “announce” a migraine setting in so pay attention for any other triggers and hopefully it can be prevented or the damage reduced. For others this is a time for “downloads” to happen, we are receiving guidance and the information is coming directly through our crown chakras. We may feel a little dizzy as a result or have difficulty concentrating for as long as the download happens. Meditation would help greatly. For others this feels like a sign, if for example we are trying to look into a job, the job description etc., and there is a lot that we don’t understand or there are bits and pieces that are ambiguous to us, then perhaps that is a sign for us that we are not looking in the right place, that it’s not meant to make sense to us because it may not be the best thing for us to pursue. And this can be applied for any other kind of situation, not just job related. This is also a good opportunity to retrace our steps and double-check our work and progress. When we feel stuck or confused about the way forward, looking to the past will provide clarity.

This message is about some of us finally standing up for ourselves and drawing that line in the sand in terms of how we deserve to be treated. We are saying “no more” to disrespectful people and also to us treating ourselves with less than the respect we deserve. This doesn’t have to and it shouldn’t happen in a combative way, starting a fight etc., it should come from a place of understanding our self-worth and showing ourselves enough respect to raise our standards for everyone else too. It feels like a very empowering time of becoming aware of what we deserve and making a resolve to not settle for anything less. It also feels like a very liberating “practice” because we are now taking our power back from people or situations we have been stuck in, feeling hopeless or powerless about etc. Now we see that it’s not what we deserve and we can finally move on with peace in our hearts and in our minds, no regrets.

This ties in with the download message for a lot of us. When our crown chakras open up and are receiving a download we may be more sensitive than usual, because we are in direct connection with the higher energies. And when we are hypersensitive sometimes we have a tendency to take things too personally, to overreact, to feel defensive because it’s difficult to balance our emotions while we are so open for the download. If this is the case, we are asked to refrain from making any rash decisions at this time, from reacting before we have a chance to think things through etc. When a situation or a person triggers us, we can take a deep breath, count to 5 and then review what was said or done to see if it was truly intended the way we may have taken it during this sensitive time. It is also much easier to ask for clarification as opposed to jumping to conclusions or misinterpreting a situation. This may also be the case for other people we interact with this weekend so we are asked to show people compassion, patience and understanding and to give people the benefit of the doubt (especially if we don’t know them well enough or if they are not exhibiting their usual behaviour). This is truly a wonderful practice that takes us out of the ego consciousness (where our feelings get hurt a lot, or we feel attacked etc.) and into the higher energies of universal love and compassion. It does take time and practice but this weekend would be an excellent time to start working on this.

I hope the messages make sense and that they help. Feel free to comment and share the messages with anyone you think may benefit from them or enjoy them.

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • March 17, 2017

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