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Channelled messages for March 13th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message today is:


It feels like today we may be focusing on a set of personal beliefs, testing them or coming up with new ones that fit us better. We may get into a conversation about a personal belief today. Of course, keep an open mind, that is how we learn, but we are asked to be true to ourselves and what we truly believe in. We shouldn’t have to apologise or make excuses for what we feel, think or believe in. Therefore if the time comes today for us to speak our truth, we are asked to do so with compassion and peace of mind.

For others of us, we may find ourselves in a situation that goes against what we truly believe in. If this is the case, we are asked to be true to ourselves once again and only do what feels right. We are asked to communicate without judgement but to stand by our truth.

For others I’m seeing study/research of a different belief system than the one “employed” currently or thus far. We may be researching philosophies and religions of the world, like Buddhism etc., how other people live – vegetarians, martial arts practitioners, monks, people who fast, people who meditate/pray and so on – why they do what they do, what the benefits are for them, why they chose their path etc. We may be doing so because we feel the need for a change, we wish to make healthier choices, we feel like we’ve outgrown a belief, we feel lost, we are looking to pursue a more spiritual path, we are looking to find our divine purpose etc. If this is the case, the quest for truth, health and spirituality may yield some very significant results today.

For others I am also seeing significant changes made today, for the better. Some of us are redefining who we are, what we believe in, what we want our lives to be. So we may start a new spiritual practice today, like yoga, meditation, prayer, the practice of compassion, saying “yes” more, being more open and optimistic etc. I’m seeing that such changes made today will truly change our lives and the lives of other moving forward, in a beautiful, healthy and prosperous way.

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Monica • March 12, 2017

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