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Channelled messages for April 4th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:

“Open to receive”

For some of us today is about opening up the lines of communication with people we may have blocked or walked away from. For some of us this freeze out has happened to us and it is now ending. The day can be about breaking down walls and finally having that clarifying conversation that gives us closure. If we want to have this opportunity it is important that we are open to it, meaning that if we’ve ignored or blocked someone, then perhaps today we can remove that restriction, taking them off the list of blocked callers or black lists of any kind. This way they can reach out should they wish to apologise, clear things up or initiate conversation leading to closure and resolution for all the parties involved.

Some of us may experience trouble with means of communication today, the technological kind in particular. So we may find that our phone battery depletes quicker than usual, we may find that we forgot our charger, our computers may be causing issues today etc. and for others we could be dealing with laryngitis or a sore throat preventing us from speaking. So it would be a good idea to double-check battery levels for phones, laptops, tablets etc., make sure we have our charges with us or have plan B ready in case we have an important call or presentation held over computer, land line, video calls etc.

For some of us today is meant to be about receiving blessings but there may be some blockages in the way. These obstacles have to do with our sense of self-worth, feeling deserving or worthy of receiving blessings and being happy. So we may hear someone say they love us for the first time, we may receive an invitation to an important event, we may be offered a promotion or a better job etc. and it is important that we open up to allowing these blessings in our lives without feeling bad, guilty or undeserving. It could be an important day for healing emotional issues and finally feeling confident of our self-worth and feeling like we do deserve the best that this life has to offer, because we truly do. So we are asked to gratefully receive all blessings coming our way today, big and small, with the confidence that we truly deserve them.

For others today may be about learning, studying and opening our minds to new perspectives. Some of us may decide to go back to school today, or look into courses, training, seminars or workshops to further our education, polish our skills or develop new ones with the purpose of going for bigger and better things in our careers, businesses, relationships etc. It is important that we go into this with an open mind, eager to learn and excited to get started, as if it were the first day of school.

Today can be a good day for private businesses in terms of receiving lots of orders, new clients, contracts or excellent reviews/feedback. Be prepared for a busy and productive day. In existing jobs today can be about finally receiving what we deserve, the credit for our work, rewards and recognition and even a raise or promotion. It can also be about no longer limiting ourselves and staying in a place that doesn’t deserve us and instead opening up to new opportunities that are a lot better for us. Today some of us may also receive several job offers and this can be for those of us searching for a job but it can also be the case for someone scouting us even if we weren’t necessarily looking.

I hope the messages make sense and that they help. Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • April 3, 2017

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