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Channelled messages for April 3rd 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:


For some of us today is or should be about physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual recovery, taking time to regroup, to collect our thoughts, to recharge our batteries. Like the 4 of Swords in the Tarot, today we are asked to take a breather, to rest as much as possible, to meditate, nurture ourselves, pray etc. before taking our next steps, before taking action. For some of us this is a reminder to go back to our faith, our intuition/instincts or our spirituality as a whole and doing what we can to quiet the mind will pave the way forward. If we are open to it, this can restore our hope and faith in ourselves and our dreams.

Another opportunity we receive today is to recover/fix a relationship, this can be with ourselves, friends and family, professional connections or romantic bonds. To do this, we must strive for peace above all else, thus be open to negotiate, keep an open mind about people and situations, having compassion, diplomacy etc. because this will allow us to see the other person’s point of view, to see new ways of approaching a situation. So today could be about rekindled romance for some of us, clearing things up and ending conflict, new and/or renewed relationships.

Some of us have been taking better care of ourselves or making an effort towards recovering and now can get back on top of things. Our efforts are paying off for us today, we have renewed our confidence, replenished our resources and now we can move forward towards success. Therefore it can be a busy day but a very productive and constructive day. with recharged batteries we have more energy to invest in our goals and thus take them further than we could before. In this sense, taking a step back really turns out to be taking several steps forward overall.

Another message coming through is that today is a day to recover what we can and move on, cut our losses and release a difficult and impossible situation. This is true for whatever and/or whoever we may have been endlessly investing in, giving and giving selflessly and hoping for the best and getting absolutely nothing for our efforts. This could be the case with someone taking us for granted, placing endless and unfair pressure/responsibilities on us or a situation that for whatever reason is not moving forward regardless of how much we’ve tried. Today is the day to take a step back and reassess and if we come to the conclusion that this is the kind of circumstances we are dealing with, perhaps it’s time to release it and start something else that is better suited for us and our current circumstances. It is not an easy thing to do but it is the healthy step to take and we can see this if we look at the bigger picture and think in terms of where things are going in the long run.

I hope the messages make sense and that they help.Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • April 2, 2017

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