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Channelled messages for April 14th, 15th and 16th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled messages for the weekend are:

This is about things moving very quickly for us or at least it feeling like that. We may feel like things are running away from us, we may feel overwhelmed, we may have to make some quick decisions during this time and this can be intimidating. On top of that we may also be facing a very busy time, when we are expected to wear a lot of different hats, to play a lot of different roles or take on someone else’s responsibilities. Whatever the case may be, this is temporary, it will not last long, it could just be a few hours in a day or just one day of the weekend and then it will be back to normal. The key to get through it is to try to keep a level head on, not letting anything overwhelm us, come up with a plan or lists on everything we have to take care of and then just take it one thing at a time. And find a moment to breathe, to destress, to contemplate and find some peace in the chaos.

Another message coming through is about children, there may be news of pregnancies or birth announcements during the weekend, this could be children or grandchildren as well. We may be invited to baby showers and birthdays where a bit family gets together for a child. We may also be asked to comfort someone, to provide shelter or just be a listening ear at some point in the weekend. If this is the case, it’s all about showing people compassion and potentially helping others practice compassion. Another message coming through is about downtime, relaxation. It may be that this is to recover from the previous busy day or just because we need a break from day-to-day life. We may want to sleep in, we may want to get a massage, go to a relaxing yoga session, stay in bed with some music and a book etc. Whichever way we choose to relax, we deserve it and we should take this time for ourselves.

The final message is a reminder for us to show ourselves love and appreciation this weekend. Wether we allow ourselves to just sleep in, we indulge in a tasty meal or a good book, have a dance session and forget our cares for a while, it is important that we take some time just for ourselves and more importantly, that we give ourselves a treat. It is important to restore the balance of give and take. So if we always help others or think of others, then it’s time to bring our attention back to us this weekend. We should find a few hours or days if possible just for ourselves and what we love, what recharges our batteries, what nurtures us.

I hope the messages make sense and that they help.

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!


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Monica • April 14, 2017

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