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Channelled messages for April 11th 2017

Hello everyone! Our channelled message for today is:

“Let go”

Today we may find ourselves rethinking our associations, who we call our friends, who we choose to associate with for work or personal relationships and we may even be rethinking our relationship with ourselves. This activity may come our intuition, meaning that me may be divinely guided to do this and therefore feel like this topic should be addressed today, or we may find ourselves in a circumstance where we have to face this, like experiencing the last straw type of situation. Regardless of how we find ourselves reviewing our associations, it is divinely guided so that we may let go of people or situations that no longer serve us or are actually holding us back, in order for us to make room and open up to new people and new opportunities.

It can also be that some of us are experiencing change during this time, big or small, and we may feel anxious or afraid or what lies ahead. We may worry and stress a lot over what we don’t know, what could be, things we cannot foresee or control etc. and if this is the case then letting go of fear is truly the way forward. It is important for our health and wellbeing that we stay present, work with what we have/know and take it one step at a time. This is a much more grounded and realistic/practical approach to handling change and we will find that it is a lot easier to embrace the change this way and feel more confident about the new direction we may be embarking upon.

For others of us today will be about letting go of any control issues, desired outcomes, wishful thinking and embracing what life is offering here and now. We may be dealing with stress, frustrations, obstacles and walls blocking us every step of the way with a certain situation. If this has been going on for a while it may be because we’re trying to push things in the wrong direction, a direction that is not the best or healthiest for us and all the blockages are the Universe’s way of telling us to change course and that there is something better for us than what we’re trying to force to happen. So today could be a really good day to be like The Hanged Man card in the Tarot, where we let go of a desired outcome, take a step back and take a pause to just observe and open up to receiving divine guidance; if we do this, enlightenment will come. It is a matter of letting go in order to go with the flow and not against it. And if we do find ourselves making peace with some endings today, it’s only so that we may have new and better beginnings and we will see this if we embrace the guidance (we will receive signs for this and notice synchronicities if we are open to it).

And for others of us today may simply be about spring cleaning, organising our wardrobes, homes, desks etc., looking at what we can throw away, what we can donate to clear up space. We may also give away things we’ve been holding on to for sentimental reasons, like something reminding us of an ex we’ve been pining over, and therefore have been stuck in the past because of. This cleansing process will give us a new perspective, lift burdens off of our shoulders and get us excited over what the future could hold in terms of new experiences. New energy can only come in when we make room for it and it’s usually stale energy that takes up all the room, energetically speaking; so as soon as we let go of the old and worn out to make room for new and exciting opportunities, we see bigger and better things coming in for us.

I hope the messages make sense and that they help. Feel free to like, share, subscribe and comment!

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by!

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Monica • April 10, 2017

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