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Channelled message for March 2nd 2017

Hello everyone!

Today’s channelled message is:

“Come in”

This is about welcoming new people, ideas or situations in our lives today. We will have the opportunity to engage in a new activity (social activity, charity work, taking a class, joining a group/club etc.) and this may actually take us a little out of our comfort zone, or perhaps we will meet someone new, make a new connection or engage in a conversation with someone we haven’t met before or spoken to before; regardless of the activity or person coming into our lives, we are encouraged to open our minds, our hearts and step out into new ventures as opposed to “hiding” in our comfortable and familiar energies. It may very well be that by the end of the day we will have made a new friend, met a romantic interest, built a bridge for work or finances etc., either way our lives will benefit from welcoming these new opportunities. It could also be that we receive visitors today, some planned and some surprise visitors too. If this is the case, rejoice and celebrate, don’t worry about how this may mess up your schedule or how this wasn’t scheduled etc. It is a beautiful opportunity to take some time away for our family and friends today. Who knows what good news or invitations they bring? If nothing else, it will be an excellent opportunity to socialize, destress and reconnect with those we love.

Monica • March 1, 2017

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