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About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Monica and I would like to give you an idea of who I am.

I have discovered early on in life that I am psychic and since then I have been working on nurturing and growing my gifts. “Psychic” is sort of an umbrella term I use. My gifts actually refer to being an empath (able to feel what someone else is feeling, their fears, wishes, why they are who they are and are doing what they are doing), telepath (able to hear/see what other people are thinking), clairvoyant (seing where people are and what they are doing in my minds eye), clairsentient (having an inner knowing of why or how something is the way it is), and refering to mediumship (seing or receiving messages from those who are no longer in this realm – it is mostly in my dreams that they come to me, however there have been occasions when they approached me during the day) and psychometry (receiving information about a person, a situation or the history of an object by touching it).

My grandmother taught me how to read playing cards and interpret dreams when I was about 10 and since then I have studied more and more ways of “reading the future”, seing and interpreting signs, developing my intuition and premonitory abilities.

I have always been able to read people very well and even see into their futures. So I took that intuition a step further with the aid of tarot and oracle cards for more detailed insights.

I have been studying and using tarot for over 10 years, blending this experience with my intuition to provide very accurate readings. In a reading I take into account the traditional meaning of a card but I interpret it intuitively, so sometimes the things I am seing don’t really pertain to the traditional way of reading that card. I also channel messages and with this I find that I am not fully aware of what is coming through and sometimes the messages come in parallel with the topic of the reading or sometimes they sum it up or complete it.

I have a genuine interest in helping people with my gifts so if you decide to contact me  you will receive a very honest, insightful and accurate feedback (whether in the form of a reading or just general guidance according to what you’re asking for). I am honest and direct because I believe clear messages are the most helpful.

I understand that we are all different and on different paths in life and I accept that. There is no judgement here, only compassion, empathy and support.

I hope you enjoy my work on this website and on my Youtube channel – advice to think twice – and look forward to interacting with you all.

Love and light.